Seven ways to grow in faith

An Encounter with God

The Latin word sacramentum means “a sign of the sacred.” The seven sacraments are ceremonies that point to what is sacred, significant and important for Christians. They are special occasions for experiencing God’s saving presence. That’s what theologians mean when they say that sacraments are at the same time signs and instruments of God’s grace.

Sacraments are fundamental to what we live as Catholics, and we believe they are instituted by Christ himself for our benefit. By participating in the sacraments fully, we say “yes” to Christ and to the grace promised by the Holy Spirit. What may seem as simple ceremonies or rituals passed down actually contain grace that heals, nourishes, and supplies us with what we need to live our lives to the fullest as Christians. Simply put, we do not participate in the sacraments as an appeasement or service to God but instead for our total benefit.

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Baptism is the first step in our initiation into the mystery of Christ’s death and resurrection. However, baptism is not just a relationship between God and us. Baptism incorporates us into a community of faith – the Body of Christ, the Church. In fact, baptism celebrates the faith that transforms the lives of the parents and of the community, a faith that is shared by word and example with the newly baptized infant. Parents must understand clearly the Christian meaning of baptism, and must choose freely to celebrate the sacrament as being a time of growth in their own relationship with God and the Christian community. Baptism is only the beginning. It is not a one-time “inoculation” to be doled out like a flu shot. Baptism needs growth, nourishment, and development just as does the baby’s physical body.

Infant Baptism

The parish community helps parents prepare for the Baptism of infants or young children by helping parents to understand their role in their child’s spiritual life and growth, and by supporting them in undertaking this task. Preparation session includes discussion of our Catholic faith and an explanation of the symbols and baptismal rite. An interview is required with the baptismal preparation couple if this is a first child or new parish family.

Contact Lenny Kelley using the information below.

Adult Baptism

We welcome adults who wish to be baptized to contact Lenny Kelley to discuss the steps and journey through the RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation) program at the parish. Read more information about the program on our formation page.

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Family Initiation

Baptism ~ Confirmation ~ Eucharist
  • Children age 7 through grade 5 – Not Baptized
  • Children in Grades 4 & 5 wishing to be fully initiated into the Church

We welcome your family to Family Initiation. Family Initiation is for any family with children age 7 through Grade 5, unbaptized or baptized in another faith, and wishing to become Catholic or fully initiated into the Roman Catholic Faith.

The Family Initiation Team, in an interactive way, will explore the life of Jesus and present the fundamentals of the Catholic Faith, so that the children may receive their sacraments at the Easter Vigil and enter into full communion with the Church.

Contact Carol LoPorto using the information below.

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Youth Initiation

Baptism ~ Confirmation ~ Eucharist
  • Grade 5 through High School

We are here to help our youth become Catholic. 

Contact Sharon Fabyanic using the information below.

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Reconciliation (Confession)

This sacrament is also known as Sacrament of Penance and confession. Reconciliation is used to show the full grace of this sacrament to restore and make right our relationship with God.

This sacrament is celebrated regularly on Saturdays from 3:00 - 4:00 pm in the Church. You can also view our reconciliation schedule on the footer of every page. During special seasons such as Advent and Lent we have Penance Services and those dates and times will be given as they occur. 

We also encourage private appointments with our priests who are always open to celebrate this sacrament with you. God is merciful and kind and Catholics can celebrate that so well.

First Reconciliation

Children in second grade and beyond can prepare for their first Reconciliation. Please see the schedule for class times. 

Children typically prepare for the sacrament of Reconciliation in 2nd grade. Parents need to attend a Parent Sacrament Orientation Meeting before registering their child for Sacrament Preparation. Please view the flyer for the schedule for the '23-'24 year. 

Confirmation and First Communion

The Sacraments of First Communion and Confirmation complete the process of Christian Initiation, which began at Baptism. The Christian is born anew by Baptism, strengthened by Confirmation, and receives in the Eucharist the food of eternal life. This process is designed to be the second year of the sacramental preparation journey and is a time of joyous celebration: an outpouring of the Gifts of the Spirit as well as receiving our Lord in communion. The Diocese of Phoenix uses the process of ‘Restored Order’ (starting in 2005) that permits the reception of the sacraments together. To learn more about this process, the Diocese has provided an informative Frequently Asked Questions guide.


We’re excited for you to take this important step in the faith! The candidate should display an openness of the heart through mass attendance, consistent attendance of formation sessions at the parish, participation in a retreat, and a willingness to participate in community service. Additionally, the candidate must provide a copy of their baptismal certificate and all paperwork and fees.


A sponsor should be a faithful Catholic who walks with the candidate as witness and guide. The sponsor should be a confirmed, practicing Catholic, 16 years of age or older. The sponsor should also not be the parents of the candidate. Sponsors are to support their candidate during the preparation process through prayer, words of encouragement and attendance when required and are to present the candidates to the bishop for anointing.

Children typically celebrate both Confirmation and First Communion together in the 3rd grade. Students prepare for Reconciliation prior to First Communion and Confirmation.

Please attend a Parent Sacrament Orientation Meeting to find out more.

View Flyer for Information & Schedule

Register for 1st Communion/Confirmation

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Adult Confirmation

For various reasons, there are times when adults are seeking the sacrament of Confirmation. Maybe initiation sacraments were never completed or someone is coming from a Diocese that Confirms at a different age. Whatever the reason, we will help you sort it out and get you in the right program!

Please contact Lenny Kelley using the information below.


We wish to congratulate you on your engagement and the desire you have to celebrate your wedding in the Catholic Church! You are choosing to become the Sacrament. Priests do not marry couples, rather they, along with all who attend the ceremony, are the witnesses to the couple who through their vows become an outward sign of grace, the Sacrament of Matrimony! We are here to give you support, encouragement and guidance through this process.

Our Diocese asks us to offer a nine-month preparation process. You can check their website to see the steps that include “God’s Plan for a Joyfilled Marriage” and the Natural Family Planning training. The remainder of the steps are covered by our parish by offering you the FOCCUS instrument and assigning you to a Mentor Couple to work with you through “ForBetter and ForEver” workbook, as well as offering a Couples Communication Program (8 hours of communication skills training). 

Your first step is to meet with the Pastor. Please call the parish office to make an appointment with him. You are eligible to be married at St. Patrick if either the bride or the groom lives within the parish boundaries, or your parents are registered members of the parish. During your preparation period, we invite your attendance at Mass and participation as members of the parish. With Christ as the center of your relationship, we as a parish can partake in welcoming you and helping you start your sacramental life together.

When you make your first phone call, only the appointment with the pastor will be set. We do not set wedding dates or times until the first interview. Below you will find podcasts from our pastor. Please listen to them to become more familiar with the process.

Contact the parish office for more information

Link to Diocese of Phoenix Marriage Prep Website: 

Podcast with Information:

Anointing of the Sick

Jesus’ ministry to the sick was important to him. We find in the scriptures that many people brought the sick to Jesus because he showed that God cared for His people. In the time of Jesus, sickness would exclude the ill person from the life of the community. Jesus strongly opposed the practices of his time which set ill people apart from the life of the community in the belief that those who were ill had done something wrong in their life to warrant their illness and were, therefore, treated as less. Jesus would heal the ill person and fully restore them to the community, removing the barrier and loneliness that can come with illness.

This sacrament is not only meant for those nearing death; a serious surgery or illness is a wonderful time for anointing. Please feel free to contact the priest at the Parish Office. A priest is scheduled to be on call at all times for emergency situations

CALL THE PARISH OFFICE AT 480-998-3843 to request a sick visit and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

Holy Orders

The Sacrament of Holy Orders is when a member of the Church is ordained, or accepts the responsibilities of a spiritual leader in the church. To become ordained, you must be both a man and a baptized member of the Church. 

Are you feeling called to be a Priest or Deacon?

It can be comforting to know that God has a plan for our lives, but sometimes that plan is not quite what we expect. Behind every priest, Deacon, and every married man, is a story of discernment, that is, seeking God’s plan and making it a reality. St. Patrick and the The Diocese of Phoenix  want to be a part of that process with you! 

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